March 29, 2022

Phone smarter

Written by valeria

Saving Money

Traditional phone service hasn't really changed much since the smartphone became a household staple. Binding contracts with pages of fine print are still in circulation, and to even access something as basic as a phone number with critical texting and calling abilities still comes with a monthly bill. And that outdated way of thinking about your phone service is really just — well — outdated. So we challenge you to start seeing your phone service as something that is a right, not a privilege, accessible to anyone and everyone whenever they need it — however they need it.

Phone smarter with free nationwide talk & text

Having access to a phone number so you can make calls, receive calls, and stay in touch with loved ones is a basic necessity these days. And yet, it's still something that is made inaccessible by traditional phone carriers. But thankfully, we're not a traditional phone carrier.

Whether you're on WiFi, or venturing outside of a WiFi area, you can dial in with your very own phone number and unlimited calling and texting — for free. And unlike the old days where staying connected was only made possible by heading into a store, or staying on the line for hours to get activated, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home, office, bus commute, wherever you are — through the TextNow app. That's what we call phoning smarter.