Unlimited 2G Data Fair Use Policy

About the Unlimited 2G Data Fair Use Policy

This Unlimited 2G Data Fair Use Policy (“Policy”) applies to users that use paid data plans provided by TextNow (except for the following plans: Free Essential Data, Hour Pass, Day Pass), and has been put in place to ensure that TextNow is able to offer its users data at affordable prices.

The limitations described herein shall apply to users that have exceeded their monthly data allotment.

Throttle of Data Usage:

One limitation which may be placed on a user that has exceeded their monthly data allotment, is that their data speed may be decreased to 64 KB per second ("2G speed").

Suspension of Data Usage:  

Data usage suspension may be placed on a user if (i) the user’s data usage has been throttled within the applicable monthly cycle and user has used more than 170 megabytes (MB) of data per day for three days in a row, (ii) a user has exceeded their monthly data allotment and has used more than 1 gigabyte (GB) of data within a five day period, or (iii) a user has exceed their monthly data allotment by ten times their monthly plan limit.

From time to time, users may receive an in-app notification warning them of a possible data usage suspension, however, TextNow is not obligated to provide any such notification to users before initiating the data usage suspension. When a user’s data usage is suspended, the “Talk & Text” functionality will also be disabled.

A User’s data suspension will automatically end at the monthly plan rollover, or if a user purchases an additional data plan. Alternatively, a user may make a request for the data suspension to be waived by TextNow, at TextNow’s sole discretion by navigating to “My Account”, and following the prompts at “Learn More” on the alert banner at the top of the screen that reads “Unlimited 2G data temporarily suspended”. Please note that such waiver requests may be limited, up to three requests total, and are not guaranteed by TextNow. If a user’s data suspension has been waived by TextNow, the user’s data usage may be throttled until the monthly plan rollover.

Speeds are not guaranteed and may vary depending on network availability and other factors. This Policy may be amended without notice by TextNow at any time.


To help users avoid exceeding their monthly data allotment, users are encouraged to connect to WiFi whenever possible, and minimize using 2G data speeds for video and audio streaming, and background applications. TextNow data services is not designed to replace home Internet access. It is highly recommended that users use TextNow data plans together with home Internet WiFi.