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Frequently asked questions

Where do I get coverage?
With TextNow, you have coverage through WiFi and nation-wide data networks. To see if TextNow is a good fit, you can view our coverage here for our nation-wide CDMA and GSM coverage map. Our service is better than traditional carrier coverage, as it includes any location you have WiFi where traditional phone service may be unavailable.
Which network does TextNow mobile phone service use?
TextNow uses your WiFi connection first, when it is available (even for text & calls). When there is no WiFi connection, TextNow will use Sprint's nationwide 2G voice, 3G, and 4G network for our CDMA phones and SIM cards, and a nation-wide GSM network for our GSM SIM cards.
Is there a contract associated with the plan?
All plans have no contract and you may cancel your plan whenever you like, without any penalty or additional charges.
Do I need to get the monthly plan? Can I just buy the device?
All devices require the monthly plan for it to work. We do not sell phones without a monthly plan attached.
Does my data get used when I'm on WiFi?
When you are on WiFi, data does not get used at all.
Will I be charged overage fees when I use up my 3G/4G data?
You will never be charged overage fees. You will be prompted with an option to upgrade to the next plan before you hit your limit. Should you choose not to upgrade, your data service will be available at 2G speed until the next billing cycle. You still can use your device at full speed on WiFi.
What is your return policy?
You may return your device for a full refund, including service fees and any applicable shipping fees, within thirty days from the date of purchase. The device must be returned with its original packaging and accessories and be in new condition in order to qualify for a full refund.
Is there a warranty?
Refurbished and new devices come with a 1 year warranty. Used devices come with a 60 day warranty. Batteries come with a 90 day warranty. Should something go wrong with your device, we will send you a replacement free of charge. Physical and water damage is not covered by the warranty. You will need to have an active subscription in order to activate the warranty process.
Does TextNow work internationally?
TextNow will work internationally when connected to a WiFi network. However, 3G and 4G data will not be available when you travel internationally.
How do I pay my bill once I sign up?
When you sign up, auto-billing is setup with the credit/debit card you used. This means your credit/debit card will be billed every month automatically until you cancel your plan. Should you need to change your billing information, you can add new cards on your My Account page right here on www.textnow.com, or through the app menu under Account Balance. If you would like to cancel service, see our Support article on cancelling service. And finally, we also have gift cards available you can use towards your monthly bill!
Can I port in my own phone number?
We are able to port in most phone numbers into TextNow after you purchase a plan from us. You will be assigned a temporary number when you sign up until your phone number is ported in. To find out if your number can be ported and to start the process, email us the phone number you would like to port.
How does your technology save me money?
Our technology automatically uses WiFi for calling and texting wherever possible, allowing us pass the cost savings to you to help you save money. Our service takes advantage of voice-over-internet and text-over-internet technology without sacrificing quality. When your internet is not good, our TextNow phones can fall back to the cellular network for calls.
Can I use my existing phone with TextNow Wireless?
We have many options available to use your existing phone with TextNow! If you have a smartphone from Sprint that is off-contract, there's a good chance we can activate it directly here. If you have a CDMA or GSM phone, we now have SIM cards available for purchase - click here to find the card that's right for you!
Can I use my device without a subscription?
Our phones are designed to be used with our TextNow service and require a monthly subscription. We heavily subsidize the cost of our phones to make them as affordable as possible for our customers, and we hope to recoup the cost of the phones via the monthly subscription.
Are TextNow Wireless phones unlocked or un-lockable?
TextNow Wireless phones are not compatible with other phone companies. Taking your TextNow Wireless phone for use with another phone company is not supported.
Can I call internationally?
Yes, you can call internationally with TextNow. International calling rates can be found here. You can add international calling balance by going to Account Balance inside the TextNow app or while logged in on the web.
*All plans will give you unlimited calling to USA & Canada
Different plans will give you a different amount of data at 3G and 4G speed. Data at 2G speed is unlimited.