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Flexible add-ons from TextNow – Explained!




July 25, 2022

Flexible add-ons from TextNow – Explained!

Whether you're getting started with texting on TextNow, or want to know more about messaging, calling, data, we have you covered. Here's what you need to know about TextNow's affordable and flexible add-ons:

What is a flexible add-on from TextNow?

Add-ons are optional features you can add to your TextNow account. To see available add-ons, from the main menu in the TextNow app, tap on My Store. On this page, you can see flexible add-ons available for your account. By flexible, we mean that these add-ons are always clearly priced, and available on a pay-as-you-need model, so you only pay for features you choose.

Another important thing to note about add-ons: they are only available for the mobile app. If you’re using TextNow online through your browser, these add-ons will not be available.

Please note that available add-ons and pricing are subject to change. The latest pricing will always be reflected in the App Store or Play Store on your device.

What is TextNow's Lock In Number add-on?

When you sign up for TextNow, you pick a number in the area code of your choice, and this number will work for as long as your account is active. Your number will remain active if you call or text from the TextNow app on a regular basis. If you aren't going to be using TextNow every day, but want to keep your number, then Lock In Number is for you.

By adding Lock In Number to your TextNow account, you can also receive confirmation codes from your bank or other services that send text verification codes.

Note: Lock In Number is part of Ad Free+. If you have Ad Free+, your number is locked in.

What do you get with Ad Free+ from TextNow?

Ad Free+ gets you all our premium features in one bundle. It includes the Lock In Number add-on, removes all the ads from the app, provides voicemail transcriptions, and comes with unlimited photo and video history. What a deal!

What is Ad Free Lite from TextNow?

Ad Free Lite removes the bottom banner ad, giving you more space on your screen. It does not include the Lock In Number add-on, or remove all ads, like you get with Ad Free+.

What extras are included with a TextNow SIM Card?

When you're connected with a TextNow SIM Card, you unlock even more options automatically. TextNow connects your phone to the nation's largest 5G/4G network for a one-time fee of 99¢, supported by ads. But there's even more! Once you have the TextNow SIM Card in your phone, tap on My Account on the TextNow main menu, and you'll see some extra options:

What is Nationwide Talk & Text (with Ad Free+)?

Talk and text is always free with TextNow, and now your on our ad-supported Nationwide Talk and Text. If you’d like to remove ads, upgrade to Ad Free+ to get all the benefits, including a completely ad free experience.

What kind of high-speed data does TextNow offer?

All TextNow data add-ons are a monthly charge (prepaid), for a specific amount of high-speed data. That means you can pick exactly how much data you need, only pay for a bite-sized amount, and not have to worry about an expensive phone bill. If you need to use a different amount of data next month, easily change your plan in app, with no contracts – ever. After you use all your data, don't worry. You're still connected and your account switches to 2G speeds. We don’t charge overages or fees and you can add more anytime.

Plus, each amount of high-speed reduces or completely removes ads automatically – you'll receive Ad Free Lite with the 1GB add-on, and Ad Free+ with the 2GB, 3GB, and 5GB add-on.

Now that you know what’s up with our add-ons, the only thing left is to give ‘em a try yourself and get the cell phone service you deserve with TextNow – for free!

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