March 8, 2022

People First: Why We’re Increasing Our Spending Accounts

Written by nick


At TextNow, we put people first. A lot of companies say that, but here’s how we put it into practice.

We set a record last year by surpassing $100 million USD in revenue for the first time. We’re growing, so we’re taking some of that money and reinvesting in the people who helped us get there.

One way we're doing that is by increasing the size of our wellness spending and learning & development programs. We're bumping up each program by $500, to a total of $2,000 for the year. That’s not prorated for new employees – if you start in August, you still get the full amount.

With our wellness spending account, employees get reimbursed for fitness classes and equipment, home office equipment, new technology like laptops or headphones. Pretty much anything that helps keep you healthy and feeling productive. Our learning & development credit is exactly what it sounds like - TextNow will help cover the cost of courses, conferences, books, or anything that helps you grow in your career.

These accounts are a part of our comprehensive compensation package, along with our Work Best philosophy, unlimited vacation, matching contributions to retirement accounts, and our Employee Stock Option Program.

If you’re ready to work for a company that truly puts people before profit, check out the open positions on our careers page!