October 8, 2020

TextNow FAQs: Extended

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We're not your average cell phone carrier, nor your average texting app. There are many things about TextNow that make it stand out, and some that make it very much like your regular phone service. But with all these features and tricks, there come questions. We've helped answer many of these in our previous FAQs post, but now we're back to answer some more.

Can I get cellular service with the $9.99 Ad-Free+ upgrade?

You can get a lot done with our free service—set up a custom voicemail greeting, get on conference calls, text and call unlimitedly to any Canadian or American number, and so much more. But if you want to upgrade your experience, one of the ways you can do that is through our Ad-Free+ subscription. Available for purchase on both our Android and iOS apps, the subscription will remove all ads from the app, lock in your number so you don't have to worry about keeping it active all the time, and even unlock features such as call forwarding and voicemail transcription. The only thing it won't do is give you cellular service to use the app away from WiFi. For that, you will need to consider our Free Nationwide Talk & Text service.

How can I use my phone away from WiFi?

Our Free Nationwide Talk & Text service will get you connected on the Nationwide Sprint® Network* without the stress of a monthly bill, or a fine print filled contract. With either your own CDMA-compatible phone and SIM, or one of our one-time purchase ($9.99) SIM Activation Kits, you can use your TextNow app for all your calls and texts away from WiFi for as long as you need.

TextNow FAQs: Free cellular service

Can I use my own number on TextNow?

The short answer is yes! The long answer is that it depends on what service you're looking for. Our "port in your own number" feature is currently only available on our cellular service. So if you're activating your phone on our Nationwide Talk & Text plan, the 2GB, or Unlimited LTE plan, this option will become available in your account settings.

Can I take my TextNow phone number to another carrier?

No long answer here, just a resounding yes! You can contact our porting team directly at [email protected] for any assistance with porting your number out from your TextNow account.

Do I need to pay to text international numbers?

Not at all. While some international numbers will require credits to be able to call them, we do have a list of international carriers that we allow for free texting with. If a carrier is not found on the list, then texting their numbers will not be possible currently.

TextNow FAQs: International Texting

Can I have multiple phone numbers?

Yes, you can create multiple TextNow accounts with their own unique login to keep more than one number in your arsenal, however, you cannot have more than one assigned number to an account at a time.

Can I sign into my TextNow account without a password?

Yes! We offer four different methods of signing up for a TextNow account, three of which do not require setting up a password—Facebook sign up, Google sign up, and Apple sign up. By selecting any of these options when creating an account, you will link the former with your TextNow account, so all you have to do is press the "Continue with ___" button to sign in. Please note: If you originally sign up for an account by setting up a username/email address and a password, you will not be able to use this option to sign in. Clicking on it will simply create a brand new account.

Can I use my TextNow number on another phone?

You can do more than that. Since we keep all of our information on a cloud (the server, that is), it is easily accessible from anywhere you have internet access. Download the app on a new phone, or log into our website and sign into your account to see all your conversations, and even make calls and send texts.

TextNow FAQs: Computer Access

Have any questions of your own we didn't answer here? Let us know in the comments below!*Although TextNow provides its subscribers access to the Nationwide Sprint® Network and to its wireless services, TextNow is responsible to its subscribers for the service. Please call TextNow with any questions or comments about services. Sprint is a registered trademark of Sprint.