December 17, 2021

How unlimited vacation benefits your mental health

Written by austin

Tips & Tricks

Time quickly. It’s wild to think back over the past year with TextNow and all that my team has been able to accomplish. You’ve heard from Suzanne (VP of Talent) about her first 6 months and from Scott (Senior Technical Recruiter) about his first year. I’m on the same team and can agree that this is a great place to work.

The biggest thing I’ve been shocked by is how much we care about our people - it's what makes us special. I’ve worked for both start-ups and large corps, and TextNow is the first place I feel accepted and appreciated as a person. I can say our motto of "people over product over profit" rings true. We care and live by our culture values!

This new covid world is so different - both my partner and I work fully remote. We’ve been able to take advantage of some of the great benefits TextNow hasHow unlimited vacation can benefit your mental health: packing up our car, our dog Goose, and exploring the United States to visit family and friends all over. Bringing our computer monitors, renting an AirBNB, and working from new locations (requirement is fenced in backyard for the dog). I bought a treadmill for our apartment with my Wellness Credit (I’m a big runner but once winter hits, I can’t do outdoor running).

TextNow encourages taking a breath and taking a mental health and wellness day. As a manager of a team, I encourage my team to take a day at least once a month for mental health and wellness. This is in addition to our unlimited vacation. This past summer, we also had Summer Fridays where the entire company took off to enjoy time in the sun. We also are shutting down as a company from December 27-31 to close out 2021 with a bang.

Remember with the holidays fast approaching, take time for yourself. Family can be a lot, travel can be a lot- just take a breath, a run, a walk, or do whatever makes you happy. Let’s get ready for 2022!