February 22, 2024

How to save money with unlimited data

Written by valeria

Saving Money

When looking up "cheapest unlimited data plan" or "most affordable unlimited data plan," you will be hit with a lot of sponsored content, followed by repeating reviews that probably talk about the same three options. And those options are probably great! Doing your research and finding the plan that fits your needs and budget best is the smartest way to shop for a new service. But what you won't find is the most flexible unlimited data plan. Because having the "cheapest" monthly price for unlimited data can help save you money, but we know of a way to save you even more.

The most flexible unlimited data

What TextNow has done is taken the whole concept of wireless/5G/4G data and made it, well, better. Instead of paying for a monthly plan every month, risking getting your number disconnected if you can't make a payment, you can just pay for unlimited data when you actually need it with our data passes:

Unlimited Data Passes!

That's right, you can actually add unlimited data for just an hour. And when the 60 minutes are up, we switch you back to your free service, no other steps needed to "cancel." Pay up front, use it however you want, and never worry about a bill again.

How does this save me money?

Glad you asked! Let's face it – you spend more time on Wi-Fi than you do on a 5G/4G network (We even have the numbers to prove it). And while we know that Wi-Fi won't help you when you're commuting to work and want to catch up on the newest episode of your favorite podcast, we also know that you don't need to pay a fixed monthly fee to enjoy those small pockets of 5G/4G connection.

Purchase a data pass when you need it, and enjoy free service (with access to your phone number for calling and texting) the rest of the time. Rather than paying upwards of $60 for an unlimited monthly plan, you may find yourself only paying $20 a month here and there. And remember, if you need more consistency, you can always opt for the month pass, and renew it whenever you want – or don't. We'll keep your calling & texting service on either way, always.

If you don't already have a TextNow SIM card, order one today to unlock our unlimited data passes and start saving!