January 2, 2024

TextNow FAQs: Data

Written by valeria

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TextNow loves to be free – as a free phone service, providing free calls and texts over a free 5G network (see, that's a lot of "free"s) – but we also recognize that for some, they want more than just the free calling and texting. We always get asked about the ability to do more outside of Wi-Fi, so we also offer data packages so you can browse, stream, search, and more on the go anytime, anywhere.

To find out more about our data options, read on as we answer your most frequently asked questions!

What are your data options?

Phone service should be simple. Which is why we simplified our data offers to three options: an hourly unlimited pass, a daily unlimited pass, or a monthly unlimited pass.

You can either upgrade to an hourly pass as you need, which gives you 60 minutes of unlimited data (300MB at high speed, then slowed down afterward), a daily pass, which gives you 24 hours of unlimited data (2GB at high speed, then slowed down afterward), or you can subscribe to the full month for 30 days of unlimited data (10GB at high speed, then slowed down afterward). Neither option has any contracts or commitments – upgrade whenever you'd like, and cancel whenever you'd like without any hidden fees, or even customer support. Do it all from the comfort of the TextNow app.

Hourly pass – $0.99

Daily pass – $4.99

Monthly pass – $39.99

How can I purchase data?

You may have noticed that there's no place on the TextNow website to simply buy data. That's because data can only be activated once you have an active TextNow SIM card. So to connect to our 5G network, make sure you've activated one of our SIM cards first on your compatible phone.

Once activated, the menu in the TextNow app will give you the option to "Add Data."

How do I manage my data pass?

If you want to see when your data pass expires, set the monthly one to auto renew, or just check on your account, you can do it all from your app! (or desktop computer if you prefer.)

Simply tap on "My Account" from the app's menu and navigate your options there:

Easy as that! Have any other questions? Let us know below.