May 7, 2024

Introducing....Free Essential Data

Written by valeria


Free has been our guiding mantra for as long as we’ve been a company. From making texts free in 2009, to making nationwide texting & calling free in 2020, TextNow has continuously worked toward making more and more free – while everyone else has tried to figure out where they can charge you more.  

Earlier this week, we started teasing something big was coming on our social channels, and let me tell you: we weren't kidding.

Today, we reach a new milestone in unlocking free phone service for all with the launch of our Free Essential Data.  

What is Free Essential Data?

Only from TextNow, Free Essential Data includes access to email, maps, and rideshare apps, as well as free unlimited calling and texting over the nation’s largest 5G network . This means that you check on your emails, look up directions to a new spot, or open up Uber to find a ride – without ever paying for a data plan. Click here for a full list of the apps available.  

How is it free?

Just like your favorite streaming services like Spotify or YouTube are able to offer their service for free with ads, so do we. We're the first wireless service to do it, using our in-app ads to pass the savings on to you –paying for your phone service so you don't have to.

How do I get it?

First, if you haven’t done so already, download the TextNow app. Set up your free account, and order a SIM card to connect to the network (a one-time purchase). Our Free Essential Data plan is included automatically with your TextNow service when you activate a TextNow SIM card.  

What if I want data for other apps or streaming?

We offer the most flexible data plans on the market (even WhistleOut said so!), so you can add data for streaming & browsing on the go as you need it. Just open up the menu of the TextNow app to add data, and cancel it whenever you want without additional fees or jumping through hoops to speak to someone – it’s all on the app!  

We’re thrilled to be able to provide more people more ways to connect for free, in a time where it seems like affordable anything is getting harder and harder to find. And we will keep on our mission to offer more and more for free.