May 15, 2024

TextNow's Free Essential Data Reviews

Written by Valeria


Text may be in our name, but it's certainly not the only thing we do. For close to a decade now, we've been providing wireless service as an alternative to the traditional carriers that like to find ways to charge you more, when they should be finding ways to charge you less.

This past week, we unlocked a major milestone when we made data for essential apps like email, maps, and rideshare free. And we heard a lot from reporters, reviewers, and real people who tried it out. Here is what they said:

We already wrote about how excellent TextNow is as an option for thrifty users and this week's latest additions to the baseline plan solidify that opinion. If you rely on WiFi primarily as your means of data then it's a super service that can dramatically cut your plan bills down to size.

It's a generous offer for anyone who doesn't want to be locked into a commitment.'s unusual for a carrier to actually hook you up with completely free coverage. The affordable data-based carrier TextNow is attempting to change all of that with their brand new Free Essential Data offering. 

When you get a SIM card it changes the game completely because you don't have to pay for phone service.

  • Robert S

Why in the world would we keep paying high price cell phone service( It's crazy). Come on over to TextNow.

  • Michael Birdsong

It's been great, tons of great benefits, never miss a call or text. Love how much other stuff you can do to take advantage of all the savings

  • Dustin C

Have you tried it out yet? Get started with a TextNow SIM card, and let us know how Free Essential Data helps make your life – and wallet – better.