April 7, 2022

Phone smarter with a TextNow SIM card

Written by valeria

Saving Money

You may have seen our SIM card pop up on your social feeds, your emails, or even just while skimming this blog. And you may have wondered what it is exactly, what it does, and why you should get one.

What is a TextNow SIM card

Much like any other provider, a TextNow SIM card is quite simply your connection to a nationwide network. It is the tool needed to connect to wireless towers nearby and pass along that connection to your phone.

What does a TextNow SIM card do

The only difference with a TextNow SIM card is that the connection provided would be internet-based, so you could use your TextNow app for all your communication needs with unlimited calls and texts. And we take it one step further by making it free. That's right, you can stay connected with your phone number wherever you go, even without WiFi, for free with our ad-supported service.

Why you should get a TextNow SIM card

The reasons are very similar to why you should download TextNow — staying connected should cost nothing. While the SIM card will require a one-time purchase (currently only $0.99!), once you connect it, you can dial in anywhere, anytime with our free Nationwide Talk & Text service without ever seeing a monthly bill again.