August 17, 2020

Back to School Gadgets: Hear From The Experts

Written by valeria

Tips & Tricks

We all know that back to school looks a little different this year. But whether you are preparing your kids for their in-person classes, or wondering how to better equip them for their online classes, there are useful gadgets available for any occasion at an affordable price that can make the preparations a little easier.

So we asked a few experts for their top back-to-school gadgets this year, and here is what they had to say:

Leticia Barr: TechSavvyMama

Leticia Barr is the founder of the award-winning TechSavvyMama blog where she has been writing about technology, education, and parenting topics since 2008 as a mother and teacher herself.

‍_"I'd definitely recommend that parents evaluate their home WIFI to figure out if the bandwidth is adequate to support working from home and also virtual learning._

Headphones also top my list! I recommend parents try in-ear and over the ear options for their kids for comfort. Wired is fine, wireless may be even better so kids don't get tangled in cords and have more freedom to move."

_‍_Good-quality headphones can run you upwards of $150, but for just $50 and under, there are plenty of options that will do just the trick (and more):

  1. TaoTronics True Wireless Earbuds

While Apple's AirPods will surely put a dent in your budget, these bluetooth noise-reducing earbuds can check all the boxes for a fraction of the cost. With a focus on crystal clear call quality, participating in virtual calls will be easy, especially considering that the battery life on a single charge is eight hours. And with three different sizes tailored for the most comfortable fit, your kids won't get earbud fatigue.

2. JVC Flat On-Ear Headphones

If comfort is at the top of your requirement list, these padded over-the-ear headphones starting at just $14.99 are just what you're looking for. They're convenient, won't get lost easily, and come in different colors, so your kids can customize their look.

Liron Segev: TheTechieGuy

Liron Segev is an internationally celebrated Digital Strategist, YouTube Consultant, award-winning Tech Influencer, and Podcaster. Using his vast experience to make tech simple, he helps thousands of consumers find the right option for them via his website and YouTube channel.

"Collaboration Tools – while schools typically use Google Classroom and Google Drive to collaborate, students can set up their own collaboration tools such as Trello Board and create Zoom meetings to work on group activities together."

Dwight Goliday Jr: TuPhonez4Free

Dwight Goliday Jr. is the founder of TuPhonez4Free, the YouTube channel he uses to discuss some of the best phone plans, services, and apps. Always looking for the best deals, he helps people find the right products for their budgets by unboxing, using, and reviewing a variety of tech products on a variety of service plans.

‍_"The Google Chromebook. For some kids, their schools provide these laptops to use for zoom video conferencing. This is good for those that are unable to purchase their own Chromebooks. But that being said, there are a lot of affordable Chromebooks you can buy."_

_‍_He's not wrong. While a laptop can run you a pretty penny, there are a variety of Chromebooks available for under $300. Using Google's own Chrome OS, these are very lightweight on the available programs, making schoolwork easy and streamlined. They also house a native PlayStore, so you can even download your favorite apps to use with ease. And as Dwight rightly points out, "Chromebooks have their special perks as well. You can redeem a full year of Google One and Dropbox cloud storage. These are great for backing up and saving files on the go. You can even access these files offline by downloading them your device."

Our advice: Look over Amazon's Renewed (certified refurbished) section, as they will usually cost less than a brand new model, and you won't have to worry about your kids breaking one—as much.