December 18, 2023

TextNow's NEW Unlimited Data

Written by kevin-c


Since introducing our data packages, we’ve heard one common refrain: “What about unlimited data, though?”

And for good reason! It’s 2024 (almost), and we as a culture are long past the days of having to keep track of how much data we’re using on our phones. The joy of unlimited data is the part where you don’t have to keep tabs on your usage. It’s your phone, you should be able to use it your way, after all.

And, honestly, the way most phone companies handle their data offerings is pretty confusing, a mishmash of megabyte limits, gigabyte limits, and data speeds.

We were pretty guilty of that too.

So, we went back to the drawing board and simplified everything. Gone are the confusing choices! I would say gone are the contracts, but we never had those. Instead, we’ve boiled all those confusing options down to a simple two:

An Unlimited Hour Pass, Unlimited Single Day Pass, and an Unlimited Month Pass.

Boom. Done.

Here’s how this works: First, download the TextNow app for Android or iOS. Then, activate your phone on TextNow, backed by the nation’s largest 5G network, with one of our SIM cards.

Now if all you want is free calling and texting without Wi-Fi, then congrats, you’re done! But if you want to add data, that’s where the passes come in.

While other phone companies make you sign up for a subscription which charges you every month whether you like it or not, our data passes give you all the control. An hour pass gets you 60 minutes of unlimited data (starting from the time of purchase) for $0.99, a day pass gets you 24 hours of unlimited data for $4.99, and a month pass gets you – you guessed it – a month of unlimited data, for thirty days, again starting from time of purchase, for $39.99.

Use as much data as you want for an hour, a day, or thirty days, it’s up to you.

Our month data passes also comes with our Ad-Free+ bundle, which removes the ads from the app, while the day pass will just show less ads. Another bonus is the activation of a SIM card will allow you to receive confirmation codes from apps and services, like banking.

We think these passes will be a game changer for our users. Imagine a phone plan where you never have to pay for calling or texting ever, and you can get data when you want it, how you want it.

Give it a try and order a TextNow SIM card today!