April 4, 2024

The ACP is winding down…here’s how TextNow can help

Written by valeria


The Affordable Connectivity Program, a federal effort to make internet service more affordable, is expected to wind down as it runs out of funding this month.

If you’ve stumbled upon this article, then you likely already know all about the ACP, and are looking for an alternative that can provide either a free or more affordable connection. For those that don’t know, the Affordable Connectivity Program is a government initiative that subsidises internet services for eligible households – more than 23 million of them, actually. Low-income households depend on this program to have any sort of access to the internet, whether that be through broadband, or their cellular plans, or both.

While this has been a story circulating for a while, the New York Times recently reported on its status, citing research that shows what we all already know – staying connected is a crucial part of life that is a luxury to a lot of people, and getting rid of a program that helps make it more affordable is a major step backwards.

Which brings us to…well, us. We’ve always recognized the necessity of staying connected at a $0 cost – not temporarily, not as a promotion, not if you’re eligible, but as an always-on function. Having access to your phone number at any time, anywhere is just the start of it, but it’s a start we’re proud to have made for over 10 years now. And while programs like the ACP, or even Lifeline, can help with providing that access as well, it comes with a lot of barriers, such as paperwork, eligibility, different state rules, etc.

So let’s simplify: Download TextNow. Pick your new number (Or port your existing one). Start using it for unlimited calls and texts for free. No catch. We pay for your service the same way Spotify does – with in-app ads (more reliable than government funding).

And if you need data, and calling & texting on the go – which we recognize that you probably do – you can order our SIM card for $1.99* (a one-time purchase), and connect your phone to the nation’s largest 5G network. Now you have access to that phone number wherever you go, even without Wi-Fi, for free. Same “catch” – in-app ads.


For days when you need to apply to jobs, find the route to your job interview, or just check on your bank account, you can upgrade to an unlimited data pass. We use “passes” instead of “plans” because we recognize not everyone has a steady $30-$100/month to spend on cell phone bills. Instead, you can buy data for just an hour for $0.99, for a day for $4.99, or if you do have some extra cash that month, splurge on the full $39.99 pass for the month. But there are no contracts, or hidden fees keeping you to that plan. When the Hour and Day passes expire, we just move you back to our free nationwide service. Cancel the Month Pass whenever you want, conveniently from the TextNow app.

That $30/month discount on internet service may soon run out for you, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have options. Try TextNow today, and get back to saving for the things that matter, not spending on things that you can get for free.

*SIM card prices are subject to change.