March 8, 2024

What is a TextNow data pass?

Written by valeria


You may have heard of TextNow's new unlimited data passes, and wondered: "what is a data pass?" Well, you've come to the right place to find out.

A TextNow data pass is just like an unlimited data plan for one line. It just doesn't come with all that other fine print and monthly commitment you get from all the other carriers.

We've made wireless service simple by providing options that fit your lifestyle, and more importantly, your budget.

TextNow's data passes

Data Plan vs. Data Pass

As the word "pass" may suggest, our data options are simply a way for you to get data for a certain period of time, without the commitment of a subscription. You can purchase it for an hour so you can listen to that new podcast episode on your short morning commute that you forgot to download the night before. Or for the day if you're going to be running errands and need access to things like your banking app, a streaming app, or let's be honest – just want to scroll Instagram while you're waiting for your bus.

These options give you the freedom to use your phone without committing your wallet to a monthly payment. Pay $0.99 or $4.99 up front, and when the pass expires, simply continue using our free unlimited talk & text service without any additional hassle, hidden contracts, and/or fees. Purchase it again whenever you want, it's that easy.

What's a Month Pass

The month pass is probably the one you're most familiar with – an unlimited data plan that lasts a whole month, or 30 days. The only difference is that you can set it to manually renew (rather than auto) without taking a hit to the monthly price. If you don't know what we're talking about, let us show you:

"Auto Pay" discount

"Auto Pay" discount

"Auto Pay" discount

Most carriers want you to be stuck on a monthly subscription, so they offer a "discount" for turning on an automatic renewal setting with your plan (so you're automatically billed every month). And while you may be saving $5-$10/month by doing this, you're also now stuck in an unofficial contract, so if you have a month where maybe paying your phone bill isn't a priority due to the broken heater you just had to replace in your home, you now don't have phone service (and who knows what other delinquent fees or interest fees are involved).

With a TextNow Month Pass, you can choose to manually renew it (or keep it on auto renew, you can always change it), and cancel or downgrade to a few daily/hourly passes here and there as your budget sees fit. No hidden fees. Manage it all straight from your account, either on the app or online.

And let's not forget the most important part – if you can't afford it one month, you will still have access to your phone number. Read that again. You will still have your phone number, with access to unlimited calling and texting for free. It's your phone service, your way. We're just here to connect you.

Got any questions about our data passes we didn't cover here? Let us know below!