March 18, 2024

What would you do with an extra $2,000? Enter TextNow's giveaway!

Written by valeria


*Editor's note: the Instagram contest is now CLOSED*

You might not know this, but according to JD Power, as reported by CNBC in June 2023, the average monthly cost of a cellphone plan in the U.S is $144. That amounts to $1,728/year, or for nice even numbers, roughly $2,000/year.

That's a lot of money to be spending on something that should cost you a lot, lot less. In fact, if you want, it can cost you nothing at all.

We recently partnered up with Harris Poll to conduct a survey to find out how people actually use the mobile data they pay for monthly, and found that 75% of them rely on Wi-Fi for at least half of their total data usage on their phone.

This means that you don't actually need to be paying upwards of $100 for a monthly phone bill that gives you unlimited data, when most of your usage is powered by Wi-Fi anyway. You can – for example – just use a TextNow SIM to get free nationwide unlimited talk & text service, and save all your data needs for when you're around Wi-Fi. Or add data when you actually need it – on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis. It's still going to be cheaper than $2,000/year, that's for sure.

And while you're dreaming of all the things you can potentially do with that extra $2,000, how about you tell us on our Instagram page, and enter to win an actual $2,000:

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