November 16, 2017

One “SIM”ple Trick To Join TextNow!

Written by kevin-c

Tips & Tricks
*Editor's note: The pricing and plans outlined in this article may have been updated since its published date. Please see here for our current plan options!

There’s not a lot you can get for free these days. Technically, the smiles at MacDonald’s are free, but they probably limit it to one per customer, and it’s not like you can get a smile for take-out. The Olive Garden will give you a free dessert, but only on your birthday. Sephora will give you some makeup for freesies, but again only on your birthday and only if you sign up to their customer loyalty program. (If you’re wondering how I know that last one, let’s just say I’ve been married for a while.)

But there’s one other thing you can buy for nothing: A TextNow SIM card!

Our SIM packaging, featuring one happy SIM card.

Our SIM cards cost you exactly nothing. Zero dollars. Shipping them to you? Also zero dollars. I’m no mathematician, but zero dollars plus zero dollars is…hang on, let me get my calculator…zero dollars.How do we justify handing out free SIM cards as if they grew on SIM trees? Simple: We think you’ll be so pleased with our service we’re willing to ship you a SIM card to try it for yourself. And with plans starting at $19.99 a month for 1.5GB of high speed data and unlimited calling and texting, we already know you’ll love our prices. Speaking of which…

You can tell we’re happy about this chart because we made it really, really big.

That’s a lot of dots! Let’s break it down. With a TextNow plan, you get:

  • Unlimited calling and texting to and from any number in the US or Canada

  • Customizable voicemail built right into the app — no more calling another number to get your voicemail.

  • The flexibility to use the same number on your desktop, laptop, phone and tablet — all of your messages and call history are tied to your account, so just log in wherever you are on whatever device you have to stay connected.

  • Plus: caller ID, call forwarding, voicemail transcriptions, conference calling, international calling, and more!

And when you mix our SIM cards with our new Family Plans, you can concoct a delicious deal to get you and your friends and family on TextNow for a sliver of the prices of a traditional carrier. It’s like the chocolate-and-peanut-butter of phone plans!

So if you have an unused phone laying around, or if you’re just sick of paying way more for a phone plan than you need to, head on over to our SIM card page and click Buy Now to get started. We’ll check to make sure the SIM card you order is the right one for you. (And here’s a secret: If you have a Sprint, Boost or Virgin Mobile phone, you might not even need the SIM card, because we can activate some of those devices directly!)There’s never been a better time to take advantage of this great deal and find out how you can get something for nothing.