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Whether you want to text and call for free, stream live tv on the go, or anything in-between.

TextNow Family Plans

Receive a discount when you combine two or more lines together on most data plans.

Bring your family and save

Save up to an additional $15 per line when you combine two or more lines together. Enjoy unlimited talk, text and data on all plans!

Designated talk, text and data plans for each member

Why share when you don't have to? Our plans are so affordable, each family member can have their own data plans.

Manage the whole family under one account

Easily manage plans and billing for multiple family members through one primary account.

Family Plan Prices

First line Tall 1.5GB Unlimited 2G 1999 Grande 3GB Unlimited 2G 2799 Venti 5GB Unlimited 2G 3999 Quattro 10GB Unlimited 2G 5999
Each additional 1999 2099 2999 4499
Save $84.00 per line / year Save $120.00 per line / year Save $180.00 per line / year

What you see is what you are charged. We have no hidden fees and we'll never charge you for overages.

Family Plan Prices

Tall 1.5 GB / Unlimited 2G 1999
Two or more lines 1999
Grande 3 GB / Unlimited 2G 2799
Two or more lines 2099
Save $84.00 per line / year
Venti 5 GB / Unlimited 2G 3999
Two or more lines 2999
Save $120.00 per line / year
Quattro 10 GB / Unlimited 2G 5999
Two or more lines 4499
Save $180.00 per line / year

Family Plan FAQ

How do TextNow Family Plans work?

If you're a TextNow plan subscriber, you can add up to ten additional lines, each with their own phone number and TextNow plan. Each of these plans can be managed from your Wireless Account page, allowing you to swap phones on the account, up or downgrade a plan, restart on a new billing cycle, port a number to that account, and more.

How do I set up my Family Plan?

If you are a new customer.

First, get signed up for a TextNow plan for yourself, either on an existing compatible phone or on a new phone from us. Once you have your plan set up, you can check our article on How To Start A Family Plan for a step-by-step guide.

If you are an existing customer.

If you already have a TextNow plan, head on over to our article on How To Start A Family Plan for a step-by-step guide.

How do I manage my Family Plan?

Your Family Plan, along with all the phones and plans on it, is managed through your Wireless Account page. For a breakdown on each option, please read our guide on How To Manage Your Family Plan.

Who can I add to my Family Plan?

The short answer is: anyone! The slightly longer answer is: You can sign up current TextNow users who already have a plan of their own, or add a phone and plan for a non-TextNow user to invite them to your plan. They don't even need to have their own phone because you can purchase one for them to use when you sign them up!

How does billing work with Family Plans?

All billing for each of your plans goes through your main TextNow account. Each individual plan can be on different billing dates, depending on when they activated their accounts, but it's all charged through your credit card on your main account.