February 26, 2018

Women In Tech Series: Madison Holman

Written by valeria


In this series, we shed light on some of the inspiring female figures working at TextNow, their views on their roles within the tech industry, and of the tech industry as a whole.


Madison Holman is one of the newest additions to the TextNow team, having joined us in June of last year. She’s shown herself to be a valuable addition to our Communications team, and she credits her success to TextNow’s open, collaborative culture.

Madison Holman

Hailing from small-town Ontario, one of Madison’s favourite pastimes is playing hockey on her Senior B team. (This year, her team won the regular season competing in the Southwestern Ontario Women’s Hockey League (SOWHL) and are currently competing in the playoffs.) She’s grateful that she can use her free time at the office to keep in shape, both physically and mentally, by taking advantage of our fitness and wellness initiatives here at TextNow. The additional support of her team in working around her busy extracurricular schedule when it comes to stepping up for on-call support on weeknights and weekends grants her the ability to harmoniously maintain her work/life balance without compromise.

While studying at the University of Western Ontario, Madison originally had thought she might work in the food industry, but after an interview at a large corporation she quickly realized that it wasn’t the place for her. Luckily, her constant thirst for knowledge is a perfect fit for the tech industry with its nearly endless opportunities for both obtaining new skills and expanding her existing skills.

Since joining TextNow, she’s had the opportunity to learn basic HTML for email marketing campaigns, compile meaningful data through various analytics platforms like LeanPlum, edit and post videos for online content, and become familiar with more technical terms and platforms than she’s ever imagined she would. Or, in her words, obtain #BrainGainz.

Working in the tech industry, while full of varied schools of thought and ever-changing platforms, should not be discouraging. Madison’s advice to any women looking to enter the industry?

“Don’t be intimidated by the unknown. If something looks tricky, or confusing, don’t back down. Accept any challenge you may face with open arms. And learn from every experience.”

And just for fun, we also asked her what her favourite Starbucks drink is:

Cinnamon Dolce Latte: ½ syrup, no whip with the cinnamon sugar on top, extra hot (obviously).

Now that’s some attention to detail.