November 5, 2020

What We're Working On: The Product Team Speaks!

Written by kevin-c


Want to read what the product team is excited about at TextNow?

In the world of app development, there are cross-functional teams - Product Teams, as they're known - that oversee and manage the product from inception to market and beyond.  They're like shepherds, corralling developers, design, marketing, data, and more, while keeping an eye on the product as a whole.As TextNow scales up and grows, we spoke with our product team to see what they're working on. And if this excites you as much as it does us,  we're looking for talented Product Managers to join our team.We asked the Product team one question: What are you most excited about working on at TextNow?

I love helping millions of people communicate for free every day and collaborating with an amazing team to do it.  We’re working on some really exciting enhancements to our service that we’ll be introducing in the next several months.  Unfortunately, they are top secret but they will help our users communicate in new ways, unique to TextNow. Keep checking our app, site and blog for updates! –- Mike Grishaver (VP, Product)

We're bringing fresh eyes and a disruptive approach to an industry and product that is used by literally everyone. I'm excited to be taking control back from the large telcos and putting it back into the hands of the everyday person. The pandemic has taught me that telecommunication is a fundamental need, and my hope is that we can make it universally available no matter your budget. -- Adrian  Norville (Senior Product Manager)

I have the privilege of working with a super-talented team that is committed to delivering a ton of value to the millions of people that depend on us every day. We've got a lot of exciting projects in the works, launching over the next few months. I'm excited for the world to see and experience the next chapter in our story.  -- Jon Halk (Director, Design )

I love working on a product and with a team I can feel passionate about every day.  We have millions of real customers who we are providing an important service to; what we work on every day clearly impacts our customers lives.   It’s fun to work on cool technology in a relatively dated industry. –- Tristan Huntington (Director, Product )

Ever wondered what it would be like to have true autonomy to create cool shit and make a real difference in millions of people's lives? That's what it's like to build product at TextNow. I love that I can deliver new ideas, from execution to launch, without endless rounds of internal approval. This allows us to focus on what matters, making communication more accessible for everyone.  –- Brett Ede (Senior Product Manager)

Up to this point, we’ve done a great job of getting users in with a great service that makes communication accessible to everyone. But what I’m really excited about now is our new, renewed focus on our users, and refreshing the user experience to ensure we’re delivering the best value with all the features TextNow users really want. --  Adriena Chamaki (Product Marketing Manager)

TextNow has been an amazing opportunity for me to learn and grow, my colleagues continue to inspire me every day and push me to become a more thoughtful designer. Working on our Free Nationwide Talk & Text service has been extremely rewarding. I feel proud to be a part of a team that is providing so much value to the users who rely on our service every day. -- Aaron Summerfield (Designer, Product)

We've just recently planted a number of seeds as far as providing new and exciting features to our users, while also creating new streams of high-margin revenue. I'm looking forward to tending to the garden and watching the flowers blossom, as we continue to create features that increase user engagement with the app, while also generating revenue for the business. -- Jason Spangenthal  (Senior Product Manager)

I love that I get to learn and collaborate with incredibly talented and creative teams–building a quality experience for a vital utility that is helping millions of people every day. Working on enhancing our design systems and creating a new calling experience with accessibility in mind has been super rewarding. -- Jesse Koreck (Senior Designer, Product)