October 19, 2022

‍What TextNow Customers Are Saying

Written by kevin-c


We talk a lot about TextNow – go figure – but it’s time to hear from YOU, the TextNow customer. Let’s take a look at some of the ways TextNow is making an impact:

TextNow helps with your budget

It's been economically hard for me during the pandemic. Subsequently I haven't had much income but having the TextNow app has enabled me to keep connected to my friends and loved ones during this past year and a half. Thank you TextNow. – Matthew

Honestly, you guys don't know how much easier you make my life on a day-to-day basis. I'm always short on money 💰 now since these gas and milk prices have skyrocketed through the roof. So being able to have a FREE phone service provider is just what I need 🥰😍🤩. – Tatianna

My parents can't really afford another line on their bill, so I found TextNow and it worked perfectly – Hunter

TextNow has allowed me to stay in contact with friends and family affordably. I no longer feel financially taken advantage of by high-cost telephone companies! – T.L.

TextNow helps you stay in touch

Love what you're doing!!! My brother is homeless. Without your app, I would never hear from him. Ever since I found your app and introduced my brother to it, it has changed our lives. We have started a business together and hopefully he won't be homeless for much longer. ... A sincere thank you. – James

My daughter lost her phone and is currently using one of my old phones. She is working and TextNow helps us to connect with each other. – Anita

I get to talk to my dearest family that lives far away, and we get to talk every Monday night, Thursday night, Saturday and Sunday. It really really truly means a lot to me to be able to stay in close contact with my family members. – Dessie

TextNow has leveled the playing field for us rural nomads. Thank you. – Sandy

TextNow has helped me in ways I can't put into words. I am able to talk to the people that are important in my life. – John

It has kept my relationship alive when I lost my phone number. – Jacinda

As a Disabled Veteran, TextNow has been invaluable to me, allowing me to communicate with friends, family, my physicians, the Veterans Administration, and keep up with my inbox(s). I am grateful, thankful and blessed. – Michael

TextNow helps with privacy and business

TextNow has been my second set of communication for quite some time. It’s the best. I communicate with my associates (or unreliable friends) using this number. It’s a great way to communicate with others without them having access to your [primary] cell phone number. – Melba

I work retail & I constantly have to connect with new people when recruiting. I like using TextNow to communicate with potential candidates. TextNow gives me the ability to separate my work life from my personal life. – Ricky

I am a mechanic by trade and communication is important to keep uptime in the black. No excuses when you have TextNow, as every home and workplace has WiFi. Downtime is not cool for the companies profit margin, so I am proud to get advice to fellow employees because seconds count when your cycle time is 4.5 seconds. – Duncan

TextNow helps with multitasking

TextNow is a great way for me to use my iPad that doesn’t have phone time. – Lenee

I love the fact I can use TextNow on my computer and can use my keyboard to text. Soo much more convenient than thumbs. – P.S.

Well my tablet has no phone, so I use TextNow to call and chat it is a real blessing to have TextNow. Thank you, I rate your app 5 stars. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Diontenasja