December 9, 2020

The Side Business: 2020’s Hottest Work Trend

Written by nick


More than nine months after the pandemic began, there are still almost 7 million people in the United States who are underemployed. These are people who want to work full-time, but only have part-time hours. Enter the side business.

We teamed up with Harris Poll to see how people were responding and we found that more than a quarter (28%) of Americans between the ages of 18 and 44 have started a side business or side hustle since March.

What’s a side business? Basically, it’s anything you do to make money outside of your regular job. Things like selling stuff online, walking neighbourhood dogs, or driving part-time for a ride sharing company.

Side Business

Stay connected, without the bills

One thing we heard loud and clear from respondents to our survey is that side hustlers need to keep expenses low. More than three quarters (76%) of people with a side business said that controlling costs was key to the success of their side business.Respondents also told us they need to keep the lines of communication clear: more than half (55%) of respondents with a side business – and 59% among those under the age of 45 – say it’s important to them to have a separate phone line for personal use and business use. However, 64% of respondents who started a side hustle during the pandemic say it’s too costly for them to have a dedicated business phone line.

Side Business

At TextNow, we understand the importance of communication – whether you’re keeping tabs on family and friends, looking for the one online, or launching the next billion-dollar business in your garage, we want to help you stay connected. For free.

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