Know when business is calling

When opportunity calls, have the right number to answer it.

Free dedicated number for your business

Create a professional voicemail message

Take business calls on your existing phone

Separate your personal and business numbers

Top 4 tips for your side hustle!


Screaming "YO WASSUP!" when answering your phone was pretty funny in 1999.  Unless your side hustle is building time machines, it's probably time to update your jokes.


For added oomph, get someone with a great voice to record your message. I bet Morgan Freeman isn't too busy these days.


Take a deep breath before recording your voicemail greeting. Did you know 78% of all fainting spells happen while recording a greeting? (Don't fact check that.)


All joking aside, a dedicated phone number can really put some muscle behind your side-hustle - plus it's free, duh!