October 30, 2018

The Monster Phone Bill Mash

Written by valeria

Saving Money

Bobby “Boris” Pickett may have once sung of monsters mashing, but we all know that the real monster in the room is neither a ghost nor a ghoul…

It’s your PHONE BILL!

It’s all right; you can dare to look up from under your covers because you don’t have to be scared anymore — TextNow is here to make everything all better again.

What's in a phone bill?

These days, a smartphone plan with calling and texting is no longer the accepted bare minimum. With so much of our communication and daily activities dependent on accessing the internet, data plans have become the foundation of the mobile industry.

And you know how the saying goes — More data, more money. And at what cost? Well, I did a bit of grave digging for you, and here’s what I found.

We all know the dreaded “fine print” that we must look for when searching for plans. It’s easy to show a brightly colored number, but it seems that it’s hard actually to mean it.

So what is the real price? What if you don’t want to enable AutoPay? Is this an unlimited offer? Of course not, because…

It’s like you’re watching a thriller that turns into a horror movie in the final scenes. Only this time, the monster is hiding in the fine print.

Additional Fees — The Money Jump Scare

If you’ve ever purchased a phone and plan or even activated your phone with a carrier, then you are familiar with the concept of “additional fees”. There is a one-time activation fee, an administrative fee if you cancel there’s a cancellation fee, if you replace your phone, there’s a restocking fee, etc., etc…then comes the taxes. Has that shiny number lost its luster by now?

Someone once said that we only fear the unknown — I believe they must have been talking about additional fees. Do you consider the Universal Service Fund Fee when searching for plans? Or the Regulatory charge? These are fees that are required by most carriers to collect, but you’ve never heard of them. Well, guess what? We at TextNow absorb those fees, so you don’t have to.

Welcome to the new realm of affordable service. Unlike a real horror movie, this one has a happy ending: TextNow, where there are no hidden, additional, or any other aptly-named fees. All taxes and applicable fees are included in the price — heck, we even cover shipping to the U.S for our phones! And if it turns out that you’re not entirely satisfied with your phone in your first 30 days, we’ll even cover the shipping for returning the phone back to us, and refund your full purchase.

So it’s time to fight back against your monstrous phone bill, let TextNow be your knight in shining armor and lead you away from the darkness and into the light of your fearless and bright phone future.