December 1, 2021

TextNow's Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Written by kevin-c

Saving Money

Some people are easy to shop for — like that one aunt of yours who is super into cats. Buy her something with a kitty on it, and you're good to go. If only everyone was that easy to shop for, right? Well Textnow has a little secret — they can be! Just follow our handy TextNow Gift Guide for 2021.

Holiday Gift Guide

Who: The Rambling Storyteller

Characteristics: Starts telling a story that seems like it'll be short, and then you notice twenty minutes has gone by and there's no end in sight.

What to give: The TextNow app!

With TextNow's unlimited calling over WiFi, or through our Nationwide Talk & Text plan, they'll be able to meander their hearts out without worrying about being charged. And if you put them on speaker and sneak out of the room, we won't tell.

Who: The Budding Novelist

Characteristics: The Novelist never texts one word when they can use thirty instead. And emojis? Forget about it.

What to give: The TextNow app!

Along with unlimited calling, TextNow also has unlimited texting, so the Novelist can really stretch out their loquaciousness. And maybe, just maybe, with TextNow's emoji and gif support, they'll discover one meme is worth a thousand texts.

Who: The Never-Picks-Up

Characteristics: Always always always sends a call to voicemail. Always.

What to give: The TextNow app!

With TextNow, the Never-Picks-Up can at least set up a custom voicemail to explain why they hate talking so much. (I'm not saying they're probably in Generation X, but they're totally in Generation X.)

Who: The Local Hero

Characteristics: The Local Hero is the town booster extraordinaire. They know the history of every building in town, they cheer for every home game, and they have a tattoo that says "Buy Local" just in case they forget.

What to give: The TextNow app!

With TextNow, the Local Hero can maintain their street cred with a real phone number, in any area code in the US and Canada.

Who: The Urban Explorer

Characteristics: Also known as The Never-At-Home, The Urban Explorer loves to amble around town, going wherever their feet take 'em — usually out of WiFi range.

What to give: The TextNow app with our data plan!

We got The Urban Explorer covered — literally! With our Data Plan, they can get 2GB of high speed with unlimited 2G data for only $19.99/month! No hidden fees, no overages. So let them explore!