October 6, 2021

TextNow's 2021 Co-op Open House Recap

Written by erin


The past year and a half came with a lot of changes for everyone and every company. With the shift to working from home for all of us TextNovians, we had to readjust our focus and that included putting a hold on our usual student co-op program. In previous years TextNow has welcomed large groups of co-ops and interns through our doors to make meaningful contributions to our mission of bringing communication to everyone, and we are so excited to have the opportunity to do so safely again!

The next co-op term kicks off January 2022, and in anticipation we opened the doors of our TextNow office to a group of potential new co-ops to show them what they could expect out of their experience working with TextNow.

TextNow Collaboration Hub

The evening started with a quick presentation that provided the candidates with an overview of the open co-op positions we're hiring for. From Dan Luymes ---TextNow Software Technical Manager --- who gave a first hand insight into the TextNow co-op experience, to Zachary Keller --- former TextNow co-op turned full time Software Engineer--- and finally, to a quick overview of TextNow's commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, from yours truly --- Marketing Communications manager and EDI team member. Following this information session the candidates were given a tour of our Waterloo office, which included a stop at our Collaboration Hub, Fireplace Lounge and Lunch room area --- big enough for all the necessary social distancing!

Any questions after the tour were able to be discussed with our co-op hiring managers and members of our Android, iOS and QA teams directly.

TextNow Lunch room Q&A

We had a blast getting to meet with the new wave of TextNovian co-ops and are already looking forward to officially welcoming them onto the team in a few short months.If you're interested in hearing more about the TextNow co-op experience, take a look at Zachary Keller's featured blog post here to learn more!