December 7, 2022

#TextNowPays off phone bills – and you can win!

Written by kevin-c


Here at TextNow we have a mission to make phone service free. Now, normally this is where we’d explain that you can get free phone service right now, from TextNow, with our SIM card. Don’t worry, we’re still doing that. But we wanted to find another way to ease phone bill pain for the holidays.

With inflation eating away at the average person’s bank account, many are struggling to afford basic necessities, and have asked for help with bills online through GoFundMe and social media.

We want to help. You should be spending (or saving) on the things that matter to you this holiday season, not ever-increasing cell phone plan fees.

That’s why this holiday season, TextNow is paying off $50K worth of phone bills!

Because you know what’s better than paying a huge phone bill right before the holidays? Not paying a huge phone bill right before the holidays, and spending that money on something more meaningful.

*Note: The contest is now closed! Winners will be contacted!

Tag @TextNow on Twitter using the hashtags #TextNowPays and #sweepstakes, or go to our $50K* Giveaway post on Instagram and leave a comment using both hashtags. All the details are available at

That’s it! Do a little hashtagging and you could be next in line to get this month’s phone bill paid off, thanks to your friends at TextNow. (*$35,000 will be awarded via GoFundMe and $15,000 will be awarded via the TextNow Pays Sweepstakes.)

Take that money and put it towards gifts, stockings, fruitcakes, and other holiday necessities, or just wait for post-holiday chocolate sales and binge out. We’re not here to judge, we’re here to make sure you can stay connected to what matters most this holiday season!

Help us spread the word that #TextNowPays to anyone who could benefit from free phone service (everyone, right?) and get a chance to have us pay your phone bill for the month. It’s a classic win-win!