May 28, 2020

Hiring at TextNow and COVID-19

Written by madison


Our mission is simple: To help people stay connected for free, or as close to free as possible. To help us maintain that goal, we are focusing our recruitment efforts on strategic and impactful roles.

If you are interested in learning more about TextNow, how we are supporting our community and our current career opportunities, check out our Covid-19 Response and positions at TextNow Careers. And if you're curious about our office life (or remote life), be sure to check out our Instagram and Twitter handles.

How TextNow is shifting to accommodate the ‘new normal’

Interviews – We are still following a similar process, but are now conducting our interviews virtually (whether over video or phone chat). You get the time you need to get to know us and we get the time to understand your experience and what you love! It’s a win-win.

Online Collaboration Tools – Zoom, whiteboarding, email, text…. We have your communication and collaboration needs covered to ensure your interview goes smoothly. Flexibility – We are a flexible company in the best of times, and this is even more important now. We all have responsibilities outside of work that are putting demands on our time. We can help you by spreading out your interviews over a few days and we promise to laugh if your dog pops his head into your Zoom window! I am sure we all remember this video 👇

Onboarding – Our onboarding is also online, but don’t worry, you still get lots of great opportunities to learn about TextNow, your team and all the amazing people you will connect and work with.

Relocation – We understand that relocating is not an option right now! So, start where you are and let’s tackle the geography later.

Don’t see something that is a fit? Reach out to our recruitment team at [email protected], we'd love to hear from you!