March 22, 2022

TextNow at SXSW

Written by kevin-c


This was TextNow’s first sojourn to SXSW and we arrived with a mission to accomplish: to evangelize the value of our platform that super-serves the Gen Z and multicultural communities.

We attended events during the conference, table-hopped at dinners and genuinely connected with companies and folks aligned in our space.

Over at the Brand Innovators Summit at Lambert’s restaurant, we were able to hear great perspectives (panels and talks) about multicultural marketing, innovation, and building community from great brands like Pepsi, Applebee’s, EOS and others.

Also at the Brand Innovators Summit, our Senior Director of Partnership Marketing, Stephanie Gaines, led a fireside chat with Vitória Bina, Head of Global NABev Connections at Anheuser-Busch inBEV, as they discussed the importance of mission-based marketing and the impact of highlighting and aligning causes with marketing campaigns. It was a great look at the global impact companies can have on consumers and we are in for all of it.

We also dedicated time to our core mission of democratizing phone service, both within SXSW and in the surrounding neighborhoods. We were able to distribute 1000 free SIM cards and had a chance to talk with some amazing people. We even found some TextNow users along the way.

And of course, as with all good journeys, pizza was involved.  We set up shop to distribute SIM cards and launched a fun promotion where Salvation Pizza customers could receive $1 off a slice of pizza.

We’re clearly not above using discounted pizza to get our message out there. We can’t wait to go to other events to spread the word of TextNow and meet more users!