December 13, 2021

TextNow Anniversaries: 5 years with Rahib

Written by madison


At TextNow, we believe exceptional company culture happens when people feel appreciated and their needs are heard. We've taken many steps to show our appreciation and meet the different needs of all employees:  our robust Anniversary program, our Work Best philosophy that lets TextNovians live a balanced life, our commitment to professional development and continual learning for our employees, and our many equity, inclusion and diversity initiatives.

Not only do we want to support our people, we want to celebrate them and their milestones at TextNow. As we continue to work on creating a great company culture, we're kicking off this interview series to introduce some TextNovians who have recently hit a work anniversary. Stay tuned to learn about more of our awesomely talented employees!

Meet Rahib!

How long have you been working at TextNow?

I have been at TextNow for 5 years and it’s been quite the journey!

What are some things you like about TextNow?

I love working at TextNow because I was able to see it grow from a startup to something much bigger. The people I work with are fantastic and the culture is great. The mission we have to provide phone service for free or as close to free as possible is amazing. It’s great to be a part of an organization that really helps people connect with each other worry-free!

Are you working remotely?

I currently work remotely from home but do visit the Waterloo office occasionally.

What are some of the things you’ve accomplished and are proud of in your time at TextNow?

I started off at TextNow in customer care in 2016, I was able to grow internally and move to the Ad Operations team in 2018. From there, I was able to start doing Quality Assurance (QA) work on ads within the app. I loved doing QA so much that I knew my next step would be to become a QA person for the app.

Any takeaways from the work you do?

TextNow has helped me grow and understand what I wanted to do with my career. I’m currently the sole QA member on the Monetization team.

Are you excited for the future and where TextNow is headed? What are you looking forward to?

I’m excited for TextNow to continue to change the game in the calling and texting world. I am also looking forward to meeting all the new faces TextNow has hired during the pandemic. It’s going to be fun to finally meet everyone IRL!

**What are your plans for your work anniversary gift and sabbatical?**I am in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and it’s been my dream to live on the west coast. I asked TextNow if I could get two one-way tickets to Vancouver, BC, and a one-month stay in a Metro Vancouver Airbnb so my partner and I could have a place to live while we found a lease for a condo or apartment. It was approved and my partner and I are super excited to move to Metro Vancouver in early 2022!

If you would like to come work with Rahib and help with our mission to democratize phone service,  check out our Careers page!