March 17, 2022

TextNow 101: Wireless service

Written by kevin-c


DISCLAIMER: The prices you see on this or any other blog article are subject to change. Please check the TextNow app for the most recent pricing.

TextNow’s Nationwide Talk & Text is already the best value in wireless. Can’t beat free!

But free talk and texting sometimes isn't enough these days. Luckily for us, and more importantly, you, TextNow can fix that too.

But first, let’s go over the options you have from the moment you get our SIM card from us.

The basics: Nationwide Talk & Text

When you get a SIM card from TextNow – which you can get right here - it already comes bundled with Nationwide Talk & Text. You get free, ad-supported, unlimited phone calls and messaging, without WiFi, from anywhere in the US. And if that’s all you need, then you’re all set.

Beyond the basics: Data add-ons.

But if you need more than just the free calling and messaging, that’s where our Data add-ons come in. Simply by tapping the Store icon on your TextNow main menu, you can choose how much high-speed data you need, in 4 different flavours:

TextNow Data Add-Ons

In each case, our data add-ons give you high speed data every month from 1 to 5GB, your choice. If and when you go through that allotment, we switch you to unlimited data at 2G speeds. We never charge overages, because we don’t believe in extra fees. You can stop, upgrade, or downgrade your add-on at any time. No commitments or contracts. Just what you want, when you need it.

Data with no ads

You’ll note the 2, 3 and 5GB add-ons have a little note on those images above saying “No ads.” Those add-ons remove the ads entirely from TextNow. The 1GB add-on still includes banner ads along the bottom of the app, but for the budget conscious, it’s the best option.

Roaming with data

One excellent feature of all our data add-ons: they also give you the option to roam anywhere in Canada or Mexico, at no additional cost. So don’t have to worry about swapping out a SIM when crossing the border.

And considering our SIM is very affrordable, and comes complete with free Nationwide Talk & Text, plus the ability to add data whenever you like, there’s really no reason to not try it. So, give it a try and discover the best kept secret in talking, texting and data!