March 9, 2022

How much data do you need?

Written by kevin-c


Now that TextNow is offering data plans, I’d wager that the first question that pops into your mind is: How much data do I need?

First of all, let me congratulate you on asking such a great question which, by amazing coincidence, happens to be the title of this article. And secondly, the key here is figuring out what kind of user you are.

Now, that said, it’s good to remember one very important thing: All our plans come with unlimited 2G data, above and beyond the monthly cap of high-speed data. So, in other words, even if you go through your monthly limit, you’ll still be able to use TextNow off WiFi, just more slowly.

So, which user are you?

The Homebody: This is 100% me. The homebody isn’t watching Netflix on a camping trip, because Homebody is not a big camper. Or hiker. Or, let’s say, a rock climber. The homebody only needs mobile data to text or call when they’re out, or to get a Uber. For the rest of the day, Homebody has loads of Wifi access. So Homebody thinks, “why pay for data I don’t need?” Agreed, Homebody. Which is why we have our 1GB plan for only $8.99/month, which is more than enough data for the occasional Uber request and maps searches, but still leaves enough money in your monthly budget to focus on other things, like a new coffee machine, or a bigger TV.

The On-The-Go: Aka the commuter. The person on-the-go only needs high-speed data when they’re, well, on-the-go. At home and work they’re on WiFi, but in-between they need data to stream the latest true-crime podcast or get ready for work with their “Boss Lady” playlist. For them, 2GB is plenty. For context, the average audio stream takes about 72mb per hour. So for 2GB, the On-The-Go could stream about 672 songs per month off WiFi, at high-speed.

The Social Butterfly: No meal goes un-posted, no gym trip goes without a pose pic, and no tweet goes unread. The social butterfly is on a quest to document their every waking moment on social media. Or as they call ‘em, “the socials.” For them, the 3GB plan lets them upload about 600 photos at high speed per month. That’s a whole lotta cat pictures.

The Streamer: The Streamer needs their fast data to watch and listen to all the things. And 5GB of high speed a month means about one thousand songs on high quality, and about 10 hours of standard definition video.  But of course, our streaming buddy won't be left out in the cold, after the 5GB is over – they’ll be able to keep rockin’ the songs over 2G.

Whichever kind of person you are, TextNow has you covered for all your data needs. With no overages and unlimited 2G data, you’ll always be connected!