November 3, 2020

Talking Product And GTM At The 2020 Product-Led Festival

Written by adrian


Product-Led Festival GTM logo

Next week I'll be presenting at the Product-Led Festival on Product and Go To Market (GTM) Strategy integration and the concept that winning products are built with the GTM and launch in mind. I was driven to this topic by the observation that great product concepts often fail, while mediocre ones can succeed based on the quality of the GTM strategy and how well coupled it is to the product.

Having worked on both sides of the partnership, as both a Product Marketing Manager and Product Manager, I've realized the relationship between the product and its GTM teams (and by extension the product and its GTM strategy) is a linear and one-directional one. The product is developed and built then GTM plan is put together around that.

When this is the case, the GTM plan has no impact on the shape of the product. The strategy for taking that product to customers, driving their interest, and ultimately getting them to purchase or use it, is limited by the product choices made long before.

I believe that that path to success involves treating your GTM strategy as part of your product and factoring it into your product development. From day 1 of product development, you should ask:

  • What features will resonate or will be talked about?

  • What's the hook or unique selling proposition for this product or feature?

  • What will users (and maybe media) give outsized attention to?

  • Are we better than the alternatives in ways that really matter to the customers we're going after?

Doing the above requires the GTM team to have a seat at the product development table and provide their feedback and perspective on the product choices that affect customer perception and go to market flexibility. Often, this won't end up turning your Zune into an iPod but it will increase your chances of success by increasing your focus on not just what your customers say they want but how they actually behave and value in evaluating, and ultimately choosing a product.

I'm looking forward to sharing further insights on this topic on November 10th at the Product-Led Alliance's 2020 Product Led Festival.

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