July 21, 2021

Summer of Love

Summer is in full swing, and that might mean that your online dating profile is too. But if you're worried about meeting irl for the first time in over a year, let us put you on some tricks to get you ready:

The Match:

Of course, before we get to the date, we first have to match with someone. Finding the perfect dating app for you can be overwhelming, but once you do, comes the next challenge: where to move the conversation to. Sure, you can stay on the app, but with that comes a lot of other noise. Once you've decided to move out of it and into your texts, you can still stay on the cautious side by giving them your second phone number from TextNow instead. That way, you can comfortably decide whether you'd like to move forward, without having your personal number live on their phone indefinitely. Not to mention that blocking numbers, or even just changing your number on TextNow, is easy and readily available.

The Lead-Up:

You think you're ready to move on with this person, but before making that reservation, you still want to make sure that setting up that date will be worth your time. Whether you're weeding out catfishers, or just want to see if the vibes click, getting on a video call first may be your best move. But with that comes a slew of questions: "Do you have FaceTime?," "Do you want to Zoom?," "Skype?" Instead of going back and forth trying to figure out the best way to get on a face-to-face call, use your handy second phone number from TextNow to initiate a call---straight to their number. No more coordinating devices, apps, or times. Just tap on the video call icon in your dialpad, and they'll get a text message with a link leading to your video call.

The Date:

Well, this pretty much exacerbates our knowledge on the matter. We won't deign to try and tell you what you should do on the actual date, but we do know of a few podcasts that can help you out with just that---better than we ever could.So get out there, and do it comfortably and safely with your trusted second phone number from TextNow.