Give. Out. Your. Number.

Met someone you really want to GOYN? Get a free second phone number from TextNow and GOYN with peace of mind.

Send a download link to your phone

We can’t make dates better.
Just dating.

Keep your main number private

Separate your personal and dating contacts

Use on your phone, tablet and computer

Change your mind? Change your number!


Can GOYNing help me organize my busy, exciting dating life… when I get one?

You bet. You can give all your “not sure/maybes” your TextNow number, and if things heat up, graduate them to your main number. The graduation ceremony is up to you. :)

Whenever I GOYN someone new, I get a tingly feeling… is this normal?

Absolutely! It’s natural to feel great after GOYNing.

I prefer to GOYN in public — can I?

Yes, because TextNow is the only ad supported FREE cellular service in the US. Don’t worry about what people will think, GOYN anywhere!

I GOYNed someone and then I saw them on TV being arrested for licking buses.  Ugh.

Fortunately, you can block them, or change your TextNow number and get a new one so they can’t call you.