April 15, 2022

Spring break: Get outside with TextNow

Written by kevin-c


Spring has officially sprung! Time to shake off those cobwebs, open the windows, and reintroduce yourself to the world.

The term “cabin fever” has taken on a whole new meaning in the age of a global pandemic. Even people who are normally homebodies feel the lure of the outdoors this year. And now that restrictions are loosening, there’s no excuse to not get out there, and TextNow is ready to get out there with you with our free ad-supported Nationwide Talk & Text, which comes bundled with our 99 cent SIM card.

Less than one dollar gets you free talk and text service from anywhere in the US. Not too shabby, right?

But even better, when you get a SIM card and Nationwide Talk & Text, you can choose to add data at any time, so you can document your escape from the cabin in real time. Plus, there’s a bonus with those data add-ons: free roaming in Canada and Mexico!

No more swapping out SIM cards just because you crossed a border. One phone, three countries. It’s just that easy.

where would you roam?

So get out there this spring and remind yourself what the outdoors feels like. Now that’s real freedom — with TextNow.