February 10, 2022

Separated for Valentine's Day? Not with TextNow!

Truly, it's a tale as old as time: Two star-crossed lovers, who can't be together. Perhaps separated by family, like Romeo & Juliet. Perhaps separated by species because one of them is a vampire and the other is a werewolf, like Underworld. Or perhaps separated by class, because one of them is a mysterious foundling and the other is a daughter of the lord and master of Wuthering Heights.

Well, sadly, TextNow can't help with the love problems of fictional characters. But if you are in a relationship, separated by something out of your control, hang tight, because TextNow is here to the rescue. TextNow can help your modern-day Catherine & Heathcliff love overcome your obstacles---just in time for Valentine's day!

Problem #1: separated by money

A total no-brainer. TextNow is available to download totally for free by clicking on these very words. Completely free talk & text over WiFi, and you can even create an account (also for free) on your desktop or laptop and use your browser for calling and texting on www.textnow.com.  But wait! What if you wanted to talk to your sweetie away from WiFi? We got you, lovebirds: Get a SIM card for a ridiculously low price of $0.99 right now, which comes with our Nationwide Talk and Text, allowing you to keep the conversation going wherever you go---again, for free.

Problem #2: Separated by distance

We've all been there. The dreaded LTR --- long-term relationship. How do you keep in touch when you can't literally, you know, touch? TextNow is how. If your partner is anywhere in the US or Canada, you can call or text 'em for free with our app or website. And if they're not, then fear not, because TextNow has affordable international calling to over 230 countries and counting.

Problem # 3: Separated by platform

Romeo & Juliet thought they had problems, but did they ever try video calling between Android and iOS? Well no, because they were alive in the fourteenth century. And also fictional. But lemme tell you, it's a pain. Romeo wants to FaceTime Juliet, but the Capulets are an Android only family! What can poor Romeo do? He doth can download TextNow and make a video call to any smartphone with a camera  (which is basically every smartphone.) But wait, Romeo thinks --- surely this must cost a fortune in farthings and sovereigns! No, you foolish Shakespearean hero. Video calling with Textnow is also free as the wind. So worry not about what platform you're on. With TextNow, no corporation will separate your love

.So, while you and your sweetie might be separated for Valentine's Day, with TextNow they're just a few taps away, no matter where they are.