October 1, 2019

Save a Latte — Our Fall Collection

Written by valeria

Saving Money

DISCLAIMER: The prices you see on this or any other blog article are subject to change. Please check the TextNow app for the most recent pricing.

Is it an app? A smartphone provider? A coffee lover? No kids, it’s TextNow.

If you’re reading this then you’ve probably heard of us before, but perhaps you’re not quite sure about all of the different ways you can become a TextNow customer. There’s more to us than just downloading our free app or purchasing one of our affordable phones. So we’re here to simplify things a bit and, since the season of fall is upon us, why not get a little creative with it?

Free Mobile App — The “Hot Apple Cider”

A long time ago in a mobile universe far far away (OK, we mean Canada), Android and iOS users were graced with a new app: TextNow.

Since then, the app has come a long way — we now offer ringtone and theme customization without extra purchases, branded stickers, voicemail, and more! But the most impressive offer of all is the unlimited free calling and texting that comes with a real, unique phone number that you can use across multiple devices with an internet connection.

Now, if you like a little more richness in your proverbial app drink, we have the perfect cup for you:

Premium Mobile App — The “Hot Chocolate”

Moving along with our timeline, we realized that our users were enjoying the free app. But some users found themselves stuck in a no-man’s land between needing more features, but not necessarily needing wireless service. And that is where our Premium mobile app comes into play.

While you will still need an internet connection, the premium service does unlock new features to improve your personal user experience. One of the main performance improvements is the removal of ads, so you can talk and text freely with more space for your messages, and less for advertisements.

Some other beneficial toppings include call forwarding and voicemail transcription, but the whipped cream on top of this tall drink is number locking. While the free app does run the risk of losing your number if you’re not active on it for a certain period of time, the premium service allows you to use the app as much or as little as you’d like, without ever losing your number. And all of this for only $2.99/month? That’s the cinnamon sprinkle you’ve been missing your whole life!

Wireless Service — The “Pumpkin Spiced Latte With An Extra Shot of Espresso”

Now we’re talking. This is the fully optimized version of TextNow that you can have if you’re looking to have it all.

Sure, you can pay for a phone with any other carrier, but chances are good you are going to pay more, there will be hidden fees, and you may get yourself locked into an unwanted contract. Our caffeine-and-sugar injected service lets you multi-task wherever you are: on-the-go with our unlimited data, or at work on your desktop or tablet. And the best part of it all: no contracts!

Along with our own devices, we also offer SIM cards for a chance to bring your own phone to our network. Your phone will have to pass some eligibility tests, but we’re happy to help with any and all compatibility issues right here, right now.

Oh, and all those awesome premium features? They are all included, along with caller ID, starting at just $9.99/month. Think of all the lattes you can buy with the money you save!

So there you have it, folks. All of our options on the menu, conveniently priced, without any bitter aftertastes. We can’t stop raving about it, and we hope you do as well — after all, isn’t the old saying “have your drink and share it too?”