September 30, 2022

💩's Expensive: Beat inflation by dropping your wireless carrier

Written by kevin-c

Saving Money

You know what’s too expensive? Everything. Or at least that’s how it feels. Inflation has hit Americans right in the wallet over the past year, and 2023 looks to be trending in the same direction.

TextNow commissioned a survey to better understand how inflation has been affecting our customers, and the overriding sentiment was that bills – all bills – are too damn high.

Granted most people think their bills are always too high. But when inflation drives your cost-of-living up, bill rate hikes can hurt a lot more.

Maybe the most sobering statistic we found here is that 25% of the Gen-Z and millennials we surveyed reported making a late payment (or missing a payment) on their utility, credit card, or phone bills this year. One out of 4 people not having enough money to cover important bills on a monthly basis is cause for serious concern.

And honestly who could blame them? Let's take phone bills, since we're passionate about the topic.

Big telecom companies charge an outrageous amount of money just to have phone service. According to CNBC, the average American’s phone bill is $127.37 per month. And considering most people in the US have contracts with their carriers, with loads of hidden fees and odd charges, plus the charge for buying or leasing the phone in the first place... wait, how many monthly fees are they charging you? You're not wrong if it feels impossible to track.

These practices mean wireless carriers make money off everything from the phone itself to an assortment of fees on your monthly bill, which explains how AT&T, for example, was able to make $29.6 billion dollars in revenue as of June 2022.

So, while your bills keep going up as inflation hits your bank account harder, the big telecom companies are raking in cash faster than ever.

The great news? TextNow can help you with those phone bills.


For one thing, we don’t charge you for texting or calling in the United States. At all. Ever.

Once you get a TextNow SIM Card for only 99¢, our app works on the nation's largest 5G/LTE network, meaning calling and texting on or off WiFi from anywhere in the US is free. Plus, we throw in free roaming in Canada and Mexico.

And if you need data to go with your free calling and texting, you can buy up to 5GB of high-speed data per month, with no contracts. No special introductory prices that get jacked up afterwards. You want some data? It’s a tap away in the app. Don't need it next month? Drop it. Easy.

TextNow helps customers like Angela avoid stress over phone bills.

Why not join Angela and start saving money, and stressing less, each month? Download TextNow and get free phone service today!