March 24, 2022

No, you don't need WiFi to use TextNow

Written by kevin-c

Tips & Tricks

The number one question we’ve been asked over the years is: Do you need WiFi to use TextNow?

Answer: No.

Which is not to say you can’t use it over WiFi. You absolutely can, either on the iOS or Android app, or online at But you don’t have to.

With the one-time purchase of one of our SIM cards (now on sale for 99 cents), you can pop it into your smartphone and activate your phone on our network and presto! TextNow without WiFi.

Coverage across the US, so you can be as mobile as you want.

Our Nationwide Talk & Text comes bundled with our SIM card, and that gets you free calling and texting, off WiFi, from anywhere in the US. All for a whopping total of 99 cents for the SIM card. No bills, no overages, no limits. It’s how you phone smarter.

Plus, data add-ons whenever you want, purchasable right through the menu of your TextNow app.

In fact, if you buy a data add-on it gives you free roaming in Canada and Mexico!

So, in summary:

Is WiFi needed? Nope, not with a TextNow Sim.

Is calling and texting free with the SIM? Yes.

Is there a catch? No.

Is TextNow the best value in phone service? Yes, yes, and yes.