December 27, 2021

New Year's resolutions for the rest

Written by kevin-c


As 2021 crawls over the finish line,  it's time to think about New Year's resolutions. And while there's always something to improve upon, we've got to admit: there are more things to look back on this year that we're proud of than there are things that we're looking to improve . Our mission to make communication not only affordable but available to everyone has made great strides this year. As our millions of users can attest: you can get unlimited calling and texting, as well as video calling, from TextNow for free. And for a couple of bucks (4.99 of 'em to be specific,) you can pick up a SIM card and get free calling and texting off of WiFi, anywhere in the US.

So, like I was saying: We're killing it.

Which is good because the rest of the telecommunications industry still trucks along as if we're all still using rotary dial phones and party lines, like there's no alternative. But we're nothing if not helpful, so we have some New Year's resolutions for the rest of the industry.

Every other communication app

You should stop walling off people. What if the person I want to contact doesn't use the same app? It's as if they cease to exist. If only there was a solution. Oh wait, there is! You can just use TextNow and call or text any phone in the US or Canada. Your contact doesn't have to be on TextNow too, unlike (deep breath) FaceBook, Signal, iMessage, Telegram, WhatsApp, and probably a dozen more I'm forgetting. When we say make communication accessible, we mean it. Use your voice the way YOU want to, not the way an app wants you to.

The big carriers

It's 2022. And you're still charging people to make a phone call? Really? Do you still support beepers and rotary dial phones too? It's absurd that anyone should have to pay for a phone call. If only there was some way I could call people for free. Oh wait, there is! With TextNow! Call and text over WiFi right from your computer or smartphone, through our app, which is —you guessed it— free! Or you can pick up our SIM card for a pittance and call and text for free from wherever for, once again, free.

So I guess what we're trying to say is that staying connected shouldn't be difficult, expensive, or unattainable. It should just be available. And we're looking forward to make that even more obvious in 2022. Happy New Year!