January 1, 2018

New Year’s Resolution: Become Rich

We all do it: Make a list of resolutions that we would like to accomplish in the new year. Unfortunately, another popular trend is to fail at keeping those resolutions, whether by loss of motivation or by circumstance. So I’m here to share the secret on how you can keep one resolution this year: Become rich! (Or, in other words, save money.)While some of you may turn to articles on the best practices for managing money, and the apps to help you do so, I’m offering something far more practical, and most importantly, easy to maintain throughout the year. So let’s get started, shall we?

Tip #1: Do The Obvious

When you look at your finances, it’s easy to see that the main hurdle for saving is that steady, monthly deduction of unavoidable bills. You could, of course, just decide not to pay your bills, but that just opens up a whole other slew of problems. So the obvious solution is to simply reduce the amount that you are paying on your bills. Brilliant!Now, I am by no means qualified to advise you on how to reduce your mortgage or energy rates, but I am well versed in the domain of cell phone plans, and the respective savings you can find. Back in September, I looked at a comparison of three major carriers’ comparable plans to our Grande (3GB) plan, and found the difference in price astounding:

One month later, I went back once more to those major carriers, and looked more closely at those plans, only to find some frightening fine print, further tainting the prices of those tempting plans.So the obvious choice here is to pick the more affordable plan, ie. a TextNow plan! And here’s how you can do so:Step 1. Find Out How to Cancel Your Current PlanThe biggest misconception when it comes to switching carriers is that it is a difficult task. Unless you are only a month into a 2-year contract, the reality is that you can cancel your service at any point in time. Don’t believe me? That’s all right, my New Year’s resolution was to be more patient, so I scoured the support sites of 6 major carriers for you, and here’s what I found:

Cancellation policies for major carriers

Now, that doesn’t seem so hard, does it? When it comes down to either spending more money on a monthly basis, or having to place a 10 minute phone call, I think the choice is clear.But before you pick up your phone, let me provide you with another pro tip: ask for your account information first. Your phone number is your identity, and you shouldn’t have to give it up when switching over. We can port in your number for free, as long as you provide us with the information to do so.They say that timing is everything, and the same is true for port-ins. A very important piece of information to keep in mind is that your number must still be active when we port it in. So don’t cancel your current plan until the dust is settled, so to speak. Plus, cancelling an account once a number has already been ported over is much easier, don’t you think?Step 2. Sign Up For A Plan With TextNowWhether you decide to port in your number or not, this step is still the easiest one. There are several options available to you: you can either purchase a brand new phone and the plan with it, or keep a little more money in your pocket and activate your own eligible phone with one of our free SIM cards.There are no contracts, no hidden fees, no activation fees, no shipping fees…almost makes you feel like you’re not paying enough. Almost.

Tip #2: Get Creative

Now, this is the fun part. You’ve made the conscious decision to save money this year, and switched over to TextNow, taking one step closer to keeping your resolution. But why stop there? What if you didn’t have to pay for a cellphone plan at all? I can only assume that collective gasps are being taken as you read this line, and it’s important that I clarify that this is not, in fact, bait. It is a truth that many of our own customers are living. Let me tell you how.Insider Tip #1: Watch Ads/Complete OffersThis may sound like work, but what else are you to do on your morning train/bus commute or in the waiting room of a doctor’s office? It’s easier than you think to watch ads and complete quick surveys in order to earn credits toward your account. Do it enough, and maybe next month, you only have to pay half the usual amount. Do it some more, and you won’t be charged at all. Here’s what it looks like:

Earning Credits (iOS)

Insider Tip #2: Refer, Refer, ReferWhether it be in person, or through shareable links, we like to reward you for spreading the good word about us. So we came up with a referral program — a chance for both you and your friends to receive a $20 account credit when they sign up for our service using your referral code! It truly is the easiest way to earn the maximum amount of credits, and save monthly with one less bill that you have to pay. Here’s what it looks like:

Finding your referral code (Android)

Insider Tip #3: Follow Us on Social MediaAnyone that knows us knows that we love nothing more than to run various promotions on our social channels to get our users interacting with us, and well, because it’s fun. What does that mean to you? Let me tell you.If you follow our pages on Facebook and Twitter, you will notice that we frequently run contests for a chance to win prizes such as free phones, or for some months of free services, like so:

Back-to-School Contest Winner Announcement

Halloween Contest Winner Announcement

One of these happy faces could be you! If you want to know more about these customers’ stories, you can read all about them right here.So that is it. The whole shebang. The only ways that you can use TextNow to achieve your resolution of becoming rich this year. Nothing more to see here. You can consider this the end of this post. Good-bye.Still here? All right, you twisted my arm. Let me show you one more super-secret way that we can help you in becoming rich. Ready for it? It’s called TextNow’s Affiliate Program. Our very own Affiliate Coordinator, Erin L, hints at it in our referral post, but let me give you the quick breakdown of how it works.If you find that you’re receiving some success with your referral links/codes, we can reward you even further than with just account credits. If you are a TextNow Affiliate, every successful referral that you earn is logged in our system. It is not, however, added as a credit to your own account balance. What will happen is that for every five successful referrals, we will pay you out in cold hard cash, in the form of PayPal transfers. That’s $100 in your pocket. Real money that can make you real rich. Or at least richer. If you want to know more about it first-hand, ask our very first paid affiliate- Dwight!If you’re convinced (or even if you’re not quite there), feel free to email Erin at [email protected] for more information!So there it is — the actual whole shebang. All the ways that TextNow can help to keep your resolution this year. Remember, start with the easiest and most obvious step: Stop overpaying for your phone bill. Make the switch today, and we promise to take good care of you along every step of the way.

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