March 2, 2022

Meet Ed Woo, Our New VP of Data and Analytics!

Written by nick


At TextNow, we’re on a mission to democratize phone service. Our goal is to provide exceptional phone service to everyone, for free, supported by advertising. One of the keys to maximizing user engagement and generating ad revenue to subsidize our free service is data. That’s why we’re thrilled to have Ed Woo join our team as VP, Data and Analytics. Ed brings more than 20 years of experience at some of the world’s biggest brands, including Walmart, eBay, Yahoo, and Staples. Read on to learn more about Ed and his plans for TextNow’s data department!

Welcome to TextNow, Ed! Tell us what you’re going to be working on as the head of data and analytics?

Thanks, it’s great to be here! As my title suggests, I’ll be overseeing the analytics function here at TextNow. That includes business analytics, data science, data engineering, and data strategy. My big focus is user growth and engagement.

I will also be working to scale our first-party data platform to improve our advertising offering. We have a unique audience that’s in high demand from advertisers. I think we are in an incredible position to work with advertisers more effectively – especially with the changes currently happening in the digital ad market.

Why did you decide to join TextNow?

I’ve worked with Dave Chiang for many years at different places, and he sold me on TextNow initially. But as I started to dig into the company deeper and I met with more of the leadership team, I just loved the opportunity. I think democratizing phone service and being able to provide it for free is a game-changer. It’s exciting to work on a product that can help improve people’s lives.

On the company aide, I really loved the people and culture – starting with the culture manual, and TextNow’s simple philosophy of putting people over product over profit. It really speaks to me about the company’s principles and how it’s run.

And finally, there’s the growth opportunity. I think we’re at an inflection point where we can really achieve phenomenal growth at scale and massively grow the organization.

What are you most excited about?

Prior to TextNow, I worked for Walmart Connect, which is the advertising arm of Walmart. As an organization, we were trying to make people’s lives a little bit better by helping them save money.

I’m excited to do that on an even bigger scale at TextNow. We can save people money by eliminating their phone bill, and we can improve their lives by helping create meaningful connections. As we push TextNow as a true alternative to the big wireless carriers, I think being able to provide free phone service, at scale, is amazing.

What’s your top priority for the next few months as you get settled in?

I’m a big believer in data as a strategic asset. I think as we scale and refine our data platform and processes, we can really unlock that asset to drive better user engagement and monetization opportunities that will improve the customer experience and have a meaningful impact on our company.