March 6, 2020

Learning With Future Female Leaders

Written by nick


TextNow’s San Francisco team spent Thursday at the insightful Women Impact Tech event, celebrating innovation and inclusion with more than 500 of the top female engineers and the most advanced companies in the Bay Area.

Our head of engineering, Christine Templin, gave a keynote talk on the importance of bringing women into management positions in the tech industry, sharing some of the wisdom she’s gained through her 20+ years of experience and insights into leading in a male-dominated profession.

Christine's advice is to be yourself, network, and build a strong support system (who aren't afraid to tell you when you're wrong). She also discussed how we can make room for women at the management table by ensuring women have the opportunity to make their voices heard. It's important for women and their allies to strive for equal representation and to mentor and advocate for the next generation of female leaders. She also advised young women in the tech field not to be passive - take ownership of your career and don't be afraid to ask for the opportunities you want.

It was an inspiring day, learning from some of the amazing women of the tech industry and seeing the enthusiasm of future female tech leaders!We also really enjoyed meeting so many of the attendees at our booth. If you’d like to learn more about joining our team, check out the openings on our career page.

Women Impact Tech