July 20, 2021

5 Million Video Calls in One Month

Written by nick


Last month, we launched hassle-free video calls with TextNow. Just dial a valid phone number, press the video icon, and start connecting with anyone.

No more worrying about the apps, device, network, or operating system your family and friends are using. If they don’t use TextNow, we send them an SMS text message with a link to join in their web browser. It works on iOS and Android, and on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Like we said – simple.

Video calling is a feature that you, our brilliant customers, have been asking us to add to the app. Since we did, the demand has been higher than even we expected.

In the first month, TextNow customers have made more than five million video calls. Two million people have made a video call. That’s a lot of face time.

We also wanted to make sure that video calling with TextNow was easy and accessible. That’s why we’re happy to see that 82% of video calls were made by a TextNow customer to someone who doesn’t use our app. That means you were able to connect without having to experience the frustration of coordinating which app to use or downloading a new one and setting up more accounts. Hopefully, that helped TextNow customers spend less time planning and more time connecting.

If you want to free the flow of conversation with a hassle-free video calling feature, check it out in the app or download TextNow from the App Store or Google PlayStore.