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TextNow Launches New Wireless Family Plan

San Francisco – November 15, 2017 – TextNow, one of the most popular low-cost wireless carriers, today announced the launch of its TextNow Family Plan, allowing for current subscribers to add up to ten additional lines, each with their own phone number and TextNow plan. The company also announced upgraded plan options that provide more data for the same low prices.

TextNow Family Plan

Whether it’s families, a group of friends, or a team, TextNow’s Family Plan provides customers with four, contract-free pricing options that alleviate the burden of costly monthly phone bills and restrictive contracts. For example, unlimited calls, texts and 3GB of data per user will cost a family of four less than $84.00 per month under the TextNow Grande (or medium-sized) plan.

The TextNow Family Plan includes designated high-speed data usage amounts for each individual member. This means the data usage from one user won’t impact other members connected to the same Family Plan. Customers receive a discount on most plans when two or more lines come together.

The TextNow Family Plan can be managed from the customer’s Wireless Account page, providing the flexibility to swap devices on the account, upgrade or downgrade a plan, restart on a new billing cycle, and port a number to that account, while maintaining control of all devices on your plan and saving money.

“TextNow has the advantage of offering our customers a variety of ways to stay connected, including both a free texting app, a paid wireless service offering and low-cost devices. As a company, we continue to look for opportunities to drive enhancements and grow as the needs of our customers grow. Our customers have been asking for a Family Plan option and we’re pleased to be able to provide it for them, starting today,” said Derek Ting, Co-Founder and CEO, TextNow.

For more information on the new TextNow Family Plan offer, please visit

Plan Changes — More Data for the Same Low Price

“With the pricing plan changes announced today, customers can get access to the same low-priced wireless service plans at an average monthly wireless bill amount of $23.50, but with higher data allotments than ever before,” said Ting. “Providing 3GB of data at the same low price — now double the data customers in the same plan used to have — is a powerful differentiator for TextNow and we’re excited to be able to deliver that value to our customers.”

TextNow customers benefit from high-speed data, and a phone number and voicemail that follows them on whatever device they choose — as long as they download the TextNow app. Customers also get unlimited calling and texting to the U.S. and Canada, affordable international calling, conference calling, group texting, caller ID, voicemail transcription, and call forwarding included.

Try and Use TextNow Hassle-Free

With revenue growth of 277 percent over the last five years, TextNow is experiencing tremendous momentum as it becomes one of the most popular low-cost wireless carriers. More than 13.5 million people are using TextNow every month, and are joining the 100 million who have already downloaded the TextNow app, or purchased a TextNow device or SIM Card to save hundreds on their phone bills each year.

Depending on your particular needs, you can either activate an eligible device from another carrier, or purchase one of TextNow’s affordable devices or SIM cards.

TextNow also offers a 30-day money back guarantee as part of its Return Policy, so if a customer tries the service and decides it’s not for them within the first 30 days, the company will help them return the device and provide a full refund for any service used — all free of charge.

About TextNow

TextNow is making mobile phone service ultra-affordable through its unique cloud-based technology. Through TextNow Wireless and the free TextNow app, the company provides millions of users a better and more affordable alternative to traditional wireless plans and services. For more information, please visit