November 8, 2019

Your Phone Number: More Than Just Ten Digits

Written by madison


When the phone number first came out, it revolutionized the way that we communicate and opened up a new door to the rest of the world.

Since then, we’ve come to take it for granted, listing it among the countless every-day things that we simply expect to work, without ever thinking about how. But let’s stop for a moment and think about the phone number once again. What does it really do, and more importantly, what does it mean to you?

Sure, a phone number lets you make calls or send messages to important contacts but these days, it can do so much more.

A helping hand.

Your phone number can connect you to the people you care about most when you just want to say hi, and it can be a lifeline if an emergency arises. It’s easy to take something like a phone number for granted, but have you ever tried to apply for a job without one? It’d be pretty difficult to schedule an interview without a phone number. Heck, even trying to place an order for take-out requires a phone number! (Yes, we did just place a job interview and take-out food on the same importance scale)

An identity.

On any form you fill out, any sign up request or even a bio, you will find the three staples: First name, last name, phone number. Sure, that phone number is there as an opportunity for others to reach you, but it also becomes a part of you over time. Otherwise, cell phone carriers wouldn’t be working so hard to port your number over to them when you switch, nor would you be working so hard to keep it.

Especially if you have a number as memorable as Jenny’s….



When I was a teenager I got my first taste of independence when I got my first cell phone and my very own phone number. Once I had the ability to check in with my parents without having to physically see them I was able to go out on my own, with the reassurance that I could call them if I were ever to get into trouble. Of course, they also appreciated having the option to check in with me at any time.

Having a phone number isn’t just a string of numbers put together and assigned to you. It’s independence to be able to take charge of things in your life. It’s a reliable sidekick when you need it the most.

We could go on and complete a list of ten reasons why your ten-digit number is an important fact of life. But instead, we thought we’d let you find out for yourself.

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