February 17, 2022

Why should I port in my number to TextNow?

Written by valeria


If you've been considering making the switch to our wireless service, whether that be our Free Nationwide Talk & Text service, or any of our data add-ons, then you might've been wondering what would happen to your phone number with your current provider. We understand that your phone number is more than just ten digits, it is your entire identity, and most importantly, your lifeline to things like work, banking, your Google/Apple ID, kids' school, doctors, and so much more. So naturally, it's something you want to keep. But if that's not enough to convince you to make the switch, here are a few more reasons:

It's free.

It's true, porting in your number (transferring your number from one carrier to another) is free with TextNow. So if you were worried about any additional hidden fees, you won't find them here. Of course, we'd recommend checking with your current carrier if they have any fees for porting your number out, though most do not.

It's flexible.

Contrary to most other carriers, bringing your phone number over isn't tied to any contracts. In fact, it doesn't even have to be tied to any paid plans. As long as you are active on our free talk & text service with a TextNow SIM card, you can port your number over without any further complications. And if you ever decide to drop the service, or port your number out, you can do so without any additional hassle (or cost!).

It's for you.

Ultimately, bringing your own number over is a benefit for no one else but you. We're happy to provide you with a new number that you can start fresh with, but the benefit of keeping all your accounts synced, and not having to update every single contact with your new number is something I would personally vouch for. Many forget that even the simplest thing such as your email account could have your number tied to it, and should you ever lose access to your email (get hacked, forget password) and they ask for a verification code sent to your number....you can start seeing the downward spiral that begets.

So at the very least, if you're not planning to port your number over, make sure you update all the applicable accounts before, so you can save yourself the headache in the future.

If you have any questions on how to port your number over, check out our tutorial here, and let us know in the comments below!