January 5, 2022

Use TextNow without WiFi: Our nationwide network

Written by valeria

Saving Money

For years, people have written to us that they wished they could use their TextNow number without WiFi. And our answer was always the same: you can! If you have access to your own mobile data, that is. Which, understandably, not everyone does. Phone plans are notorious for being either overpriced, or too restrictive with hidden fees, paragraphs of fine print, and binding contracts. Which is why in 2020, we introduced our first ever free Nationwide Talk & Text service. But it seems that not everyone saw the news, so we figured we'd come here and go over all the details again and answer any lingering questions!

What is Nationwide Talk & Text?

First, let's start off by explaining what this service actually is. Which is really easy to do: it's the exact same service you're currently enjoying on your TextNow app over WiFi---only--- it can be used without WiFi, for free.

How do I get it?

There are a few ways, starting with the most simple: heading over to our website and purchasing a TextNow SIM card. This is the only part of the process that will cost something---$4.99 to be exact----as we have to ship the card out to you, but once you receive it and activate it, you can use the TextNow app (with the same number) to make calls and send texts anywhere you go in the U.S without ever paying another dime.

Another way is to tap on the "Free coverage" option in the menu of the mobile app (note: this is only available to U.S users at this time) and go through the process of checking out a SIM card from there.Once you receive your SIM card, all you have to do is pop it into your phone and follow the on-screen instructions to activate. If you're having trouble, be sure to look over these helpful steps before reaching out to customer service.

Where can I use it?

Currently, our nationwide network only covers the continental U.S. So if you're planning on travelling, or are a Canadian user, you won't be able to connect, but will still be able to use the app over WiFi just the same, without worrying about any long distance fees.Got more questions? Let us know in the comments below!